The overwhelming majority of past Davidson County judges have come together to support Anne Martin!


“We need judges who understand the law and the types of cases heard in the respective court they preside over. Anne’s impressive experience of handling 150 cases in Chancery Courts makes her uniquely qualified to serve as Judge in that court” – Former Chancellor Carol McCoy

“Anne’s not just an attorney. She is an engaged community leader who has a long track record of pro bono work and serving on non-profit boards that serve Nashvillians from all walks of life. Anne is ready to become a full-time public servant.” – Judge Marietta Shipley

“As Anne’s colleague, I’ve watched her balance her work, serving the community and being a full-time Mom to her son, Clay, who has special needs. She is a proud Metro Schools parent and is always cheering Clay on.” – Former Court of Appeals Judge Patsy Cottrell

“Anne is an experienced and trusted lawyer and adviser. She will be fair and balanced on the bench, and she will treat all persons in her court with courtesy and respect." –Former TN Supreme Court Justice Dean William Koch


Anne is proud to have the endorsement of:

  • State Representative Darren Jernigan
  • Former State Rep. Janis Sontany
  • Vice-Mayor David Briley
  • At-Large Councilwoman Erica Gilmore
  • At-Large Councilman Bob Mendes
  • Councilwoman Mina Johnson
  • Oak Hill Mayor Heidi Campbell
  • Former Nashville Mayor Bill Purcell
  • Former U.S. District Court Judge Kevin Sharp
  • Former U.S. Magistrate Judge Juliet Griffin
  • Former US Attorney Ed Yarbrough 
  • Former US Attorney and Circuit Court Judge Hal Hardin
  • Former Tennessee Supreme Court Justice & Nashville School of Law Dean William Koch
  • Former Court of Appeals Judge Patsy Cottrell
  • Former Chancellor Robert Brandt
  • Former Chancellor Carol McCoy
  • Former Circuit Court Judge Rose Cantrell
  • Former Circuit Judge Barbara Haynes
  • Former Circuit Judge Marietta Shipley
  • Former Circuit Judge Matt Sweeney
  • Former Criminal Court Judge Randall Wyatt
  • Former Juvenile Court Judge Andy Shookhoff
  • General Sessions Judge Melissa Blackburn
  • Former General Sessions Judge John Brown
  • Former General Sessions Judge Penny Harrington
  • Former District Attorney Victor “Torry” Johnson

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