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Chancery Court

Chancery Court is a court of equity that comes from England where it was described as “The King’s Conscience”. A court of equity has the authority to provide remedies in addition to monetary damages. For example, Chancery Court are frequently called upon to issue injunctions, writs, declaratory judgments, and specific performance which are all powerful remedies separate and distinct from a money judgment.

A chancellor, the judge who presides over chancery courts, may modify the application of strict legal rules and adapt relief to the circumstances of individual cases.

While modern courts have mostly dissolved the distinction between courts of law and courts of equity, the need for equitable remedies remains the cornerstone of an action in Chancery.

Chancery Courts handle a variety of disputes involving those between or within businesses, contracting parties in all types of matters, real estate matters, applications for injunctions and name changes. 

The Davidson County Chancery Court also handles disputes involving Metro, including appeals from Metro agencies (e.g. Planning, Zoning, Civil Service) and constitutional challenges, as well as the same categories of disputes involving the State (e.g. appeals from regulatory agencies, TennCare appeals, tax cases, constitutional challenges to statutes and State action).


Chancery Courts

Learn more about the Tennessee's Chancery Courts, including our judges, our rules, and our procedures.

Clerk and Master of the

Davidson Co. Chancery Court

Learn More about the Office of the Clerk and Master of the Davidson Co. Chancery Court, take a look at our docket and search court records and filings.

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