Trustworthy and Respectful –Anne’s foremost commitment is to treat all parties with respect and courtesy. Serving as a judge is a matter of public trust and everyone deserves a full and fair opportunity to be heard. During her 25 years of practice, she has represented individuals and businesses with differing financial means and problems and understands how important it is for everyone who comes to court to see a judge who listens and cares about their case.

Fair and Impartial – Anne will be fair and impartial. Because her law practice has not focused on representation for one side of a dispute, she is not biased for any particular point of view. Due to her lack of bias, she is frequently asked to serve as an arbitrator and mediator by other lawyers, litigants and governmental agencies. She is ready to take that experience and skill to the bench, apply the rule of law impartially, and reach fair decisions for the citizens of Davidson County.

Hard Working and Efficient – Anne will dedicate herself to deciding cases promptly. The longer a lawsuit takes to make its way through the system the more expensive and frustrating it is. Some cases, by their nature, take longer than others, but cases should not drag on because the court delays its decision. She understands that every person’s case is the most important case to that person. She will work hard and devote the time necessary to move cases through the court quickly. Anne is ready and looks forward to the challenge of serving on the bench as a full time public servant for this community.

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