"The most important quality of the law is the way in which it protects and enhances both the lives of individuals and the strength of our community."-Anne Martin

Anne Martin wearing a blue suit and smiling.

Anne has the experience we need for Chancery Court Judge. She has 25 years of courtroom experience and has tried over 150 cases in Davidson County Chancery Court and other chancery courts. In her career, Anne has represented both individuals and businesses, small and large, giving her a broad perspective on issues she will be facing in the courtroom. 

Being a lifelong volunteer for many local organizations has given her a sense of compassion and fairness needed in a judge.  Her vast experience in the courtroom and in the community has helped her become one of the most skilled and respected attorneys in Nashville and makes her well suited to be Davidson County Chancery Court Judge.

Anne Martin wearing a casual purple sweater, smiling.
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Chancery Courts are courts of equity that are based on the English system in which the chancellor acted as the “King’s conscience.” A chancellor, the judge who presides over chancery courts, may modify the application of strict legal rules and adapt relief to the circumstances of individual cases. Chancery Courts handle a variety of issues including business and contract disputes, applications for injunctions, and other non-tort/injury matters. The Davidson County Chancery Court also hears direct appeals from local boards and administrative matters, and has exclusive jurisdiction over appeals from State agencies such as Departments of Revenue, Environment and Conservation, and Commerce and Insurance. It also has exclusive jurisdiction over challenges to actions by the State Legislature pursuant to the Tennessee Constitution.

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